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Customise Your Event

When you open your Preplay account, you leap into the next generation of e-commerce. Let the sales begin!

Design your event exactly the way you want it. Add your logo, pick your company colors, and tailor the visual layout to compliment your products.

Pro tip:

Discounted prices for events can improve conversions!

Showcase your merchandise. Add products you'll be presenting during the live event, along with an image, a brief description, and the price .

Pre-record video before the event, or stream it live through webcam, external camera, iPad or any smartphone.

Checkout is simple for customers. You can integrate Preplay into your checkout with our simple API, or direct customers to your own web shop in a new window.

Now its time to schedule your event!


Schedule Your Event

You probably already know which days get more site visits than others.. What day of the week do you send a newsletter?

Pro tip:

Timing is everything, but differs across industries. Try different approaches to find out what is best for your business.

What about social media? When do people contact you, engage your brand, and do their own research?

If you don't have answers to these questions, don't worry: We're here to help you find out, starting now... It is essential to know your customers' behavior, in order to know exactly when you should schedule your Preplay event.

Now you are ready to promote your event!


Promote Your Event

How many people do you want to watch you demonstrate the excellence of your products? One thousand? Ten thousand? One hundred thousand?

Pro tip:

The better you promote, the more people will attend. Set Preplay up with a re-targeting campaign for substantial benefits in the long-term.

This is the time to utilize your brand's network to its furthest extent. Reach out to previous customers with your newsletter; let your followers know through social media, and maybe even attract new customers with paid advertisement.

What's most important is to let as many people as possible know that they can follow your live video event, engage via chat, and score limited-time discounts . Yep, that's right!

Next up, it's time to hold your event!

Go Live

Hold Your Event with live video

The time has come! You are in the forefront of digital marketing, and about to blow your customers away by introducing them to the next phase of online shopping.

Pro tip:

Try using an ambassador to hold your event. A person with high SNP (social network potential) can draw in plenty of potential customers.

Whether you're streaming live or playing a prerecorded video, you can interact with your customers through the integrated chat and give them the awesome customer support you are so well known for.

Preplay has a beautifully designed interface for changing products, which will synchronize with the product presented in the video.


Analyze Your Event

We absolutely love analyzing data, and so should you! That is what makes you better, but in order to get better you need to know what to improve.

Pro tip:

Increase the number of e-mail addresses in your newsletter, and let people sign up for your next event when the video is finished.

With Preplay you get valuable statistics that can help improve sales, content, and the way you interact with your clients.

For example, track how many people are watching the event at any given time, how many have clicked the "buy" button, what you said in the video that made so many people click "buy", where people are watching the event from, how long they stayed, how many engaged in chat, what they asked, if they logged in with Facebook, what they liked...

There is so much valuable information to gather through your events. Revisit your event, see real-time data throughout, get details about individuals, and determine why and when people left, to better give clients what they want.
Make adjustments, improve content, and make the next one even better.